Tuesday, 17 October 2017

16 years ago...

Yesterday, was the day where I could reminisce my childhood memory, back in 16 years ago.

To be exact, there were a lot of memories to be shared here but one thing that crossed out of my mind was a moment where I joined mengaji session with my sisters at a place which is conducted by an Ustaz called Ustaz Norhisyam. 

So here is where the journey started.
When I was in 4 years old, mama tended to send me to mengaji class with my sisters even though it seems too early for me in a very young age to learn about alif ba ta. But age wasnt a barrier for me to learn as quotes said, "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya". So I did.
Mama was a very strict mother, she really wants me and sisters to be good in reciting al-quran. She always reminds us to be balanced in both,deen and dunya as Quran would be our protector in hereafter if and only if we implemented and recite the Book of Allah in every of our single day.

So, alhamdulillah I ended (khatam) my mengaji class when I was in 7 years old. That took about almost 4 years I went to  mengaji class, through days and night and even the weekend. I thanked my mum for never gave up to wait us to be back from mengaji class and theres even a day where Ive got cranky to not go to that mengaji class. But what my mum did, she treated me with an ice-cream, and even waited me to eat that ice-cream and go back to mengaji. Her grospel was to ensure that her daughters must recite the quran everyday (never missed unless if Ive got into fever or any urgent cases,that would be forgiven). So yeah, that was my mother. I thanked my mum a lot till now, because of her patience and  perseverance, I am who I am now. Alhamdulillah.

Back to the main topic, yesterday was the day I went into a place where I learned to recognize alif ba ta,and al fatihah until an-nas. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for enlightening and ease the way for me and sisters to learn quran. And to Ustaz Norhisyam who was  never gave up to teach 3 of us, and of course my best dedication to both of my amazing parents.

The place was still the same. A chair where I sat while waiting for my turn to recite quran with Ustaz. A shelf where I put my quran. It was still the same. Nothing much more difference. I miss. I do really miss every single thing that I experienced back in 16 years ago. Time flies so fast. I didnt realize that I could still have the chance to go back to this place and watching all of myself in there. One of the best memory in my whole life is to be here, in this place.

So this is my ustaz, I wish for your good health and may Allah bless you and family, in dunia wal akhirah.

 Still, even the arrangement of the chairs were still the same!

Childhood, sweet and sunny childhood,
With its careless, thoughtless air,
Like the verdant, tangled wildwood,
Wants the training hand of care.

See it springing all around us --
Glad to know, and quick to learn;
Asking questions that confound us;
Teaching lessons in its turn.

Thats for now, till we me again.