Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February 2017 ?

انما اشكوا بثي وحزني الى الله

Hello everyone and Assalamualaikum (Jawab sayang,tak jawab dosa),

Alhamdulillah! Im still being here after 2 years am not updating my blog. Its maybe because of Im so and really busy in streamlining my life. Its been good so far. People comes and go. Things are doing good and bad. Been through with ups and downs in life. Facing with the storms and rains. Yeah, alhamdulillah for everything. Alhamdulillah and all praises to Allah for the things I had now,for the people who stay with me till now,for the support and encouragement from the family and friends, Im so blessed. 

Lately,Im interested to read all the quotes and inspirations that I pick out from Najwa Zebian's Ig and Mizznina, I dont know why since when I read all the quotes,it hits me up to feel something deeply in my heart. Ive all the mixed feelings when I read them.  One of the latest quotes that I do really love is ;

Only Allah is there always :( 
Only Allah is there always. Sometimes,we always rely on a person to comfort us till we forget that we only have One that knows before and after of our life. We have be blinded by those sweety,lovey and squishy words without realizing that at the end,we have no one except Allah. Allah is the only place for us to seek for forgiveness, sadness,dissapointment, trials and obstacles and every single problems that we have in our life, we should and must back to our Creator,Allah S.W.T. He knows everything. So to conclude, whatever  of situations you might face, back to Allah,ask Him. He will not let you cry alone. Pray and pray. 

Wallahualam. See you again,InsyaAllah.

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