Saturday, 18 April 2015

Wordless Sunday

So Im here again  after making a pinky promise to update le blog about whatever things that actually crossing my mind since past few days! Huh creating and thinking what to post in blog is definitely harder, I told yaaa! 

Huu anyway hi and assalamualaikum duniaa! Like to be honest, its been  almost 5 months since Im officially end up with my school life! Huuu time flies really fast that Im still like who I am.  In fact, 5 months to learn a lot of new things, have got a driving license (shall plan a trip later gaiss), made my own baju kurung as well, chilling and hanging out with friends,goin to the baking class, pampering myself to the gym,jog and badminton, doing the house chores , settling about upu,attending the interview, and currently is waiting for the upu results. So I thought that my 5 months is well spent muehehehe.

Now lets straight to the point. I wanna share about my friends which is known as my buddies my peeps my munchie my applepie and my everything. So dear readers please be alert and do read till the end nehi?

So during in form 4 and form 5, I've got same classmates for 2 years and I was definitely being grateful for having them in last 2 years. Yeah before that fyi we're taking islamic science stream which is 11 subjects for spm. Some of you might be wonder bout what subjects that we took for another +2 because normally it is only 9 subs for spm(not include acc+rc +etc) . We are not taking Pendidikan Agama Islam but its been replaced by Pendidikan Al Quran Sunnah, Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah and Bahasa Arab. So my classmates be like ustaz and ustazah yang sangatlah rock okey! Hahahaha but it was totally fun and awesome! We're like in a big family in deciding and settling with problems and obstacles that abruptly come. And backing up each other is a must-thing-to-do especially when you're fall asleep in the class! Haha. Seriously classmates is the best friend for you to annoy each other to fight into another to cuddle together and many more else but only if you gais can understand towards another. Yeah sometimes we must feel mad to someone for her/his annoyed thingy but trust me at the end,you are going to miss everything esp when you are end up with your school life,like me... Yes. Im missing them rite now...

One thing that I love about my classmates is you have that one person who loves to remind us about akhirat,that one person who's being weird all the time,that one person who's busy with his romeo and juliet love story,that one person who loves to talk about kpop (they are so cute) ,the one who always be the most cheerful person in the class,the one who loves to gossip whenever teacher was not in the class (including me yeah its fun haha) ,the one who always bring foods ,the one who always bring a pill to cope with sleeping issue in the class! The one who always be the most silent person and only talk when we asked her(its okay haha) The one yang sangat rajin to decorate the class(Im excluded from this thingy uh sorry). But whoever they are,I still love them till ever and till my last breath. And lets promise to be friends till jannah okey?

Friday, 17 April 2015

Yes Im back tenenene!

Assalamualaikum! Jawab sayang tak jawab dosa(pinjam tagline kak maghia

 Well its been a long long time that I didnt write any latest post since I've been quite busy with mah hectic life urgh no so hectic lah actually,but urm urm watevah! But luckily thanks Allah for giving me another chance to be still here in my lovey dovey blog So I determine myself to start back my blogging insyaAllah and I would like to share with uolls about my journey of life(every single  of memory and moments)  ecewwah! And this year which is 2015, I was currently an unofficially sweet eighteen yahooo! Nahhh wanna treat olls one of my selfie! Taraaaaa

Okey so hows life? Great or nawh? But please remember  whatever it is, just keep goin on and chill yo!