Friday, 3 March 2017

Best day

It was my best day for this year since Ive got my time to spend my weekend with my bestfriend. We watched SYURGA YANG TAK DIRINDUKAN 2 and it was really and really heartbreaking! In need of a husband like Fahri (Hero in the movie). Overall,this movie is the best one for me since theres a lot of moral values that I took which I can apply in my own life sooner and later. And also Im really inspired to be such a good and strong woman like Arini (Heroine in the movie) which Im so in love with this woman since she's such a sweet and lovely person. I totally fell in love with this movie including the songs and all! 5 star to be honest,keep inspiring people okay? I love you Fahri eheks😂😜

And we are havin' our lunch at Java Flava Cafe,the place is truly cozy and comfy,and the food was amazing! Have a try okay! See you soon💕